For a while, I was giving the dogs dental chews every day, until I realized that they were mostly starch and probably contributing to the dogs’ weight gain. I switched to alternating rawhide, pizzle, and beef tendon, which are all carb-free.

Lots of sites recommend fiber for keeping dogs’ anal glands clear (one of my dogs has had some anal gland issues), but having observed that when the dogs chew bones it firms up their poops, I thought I’d try blending bones cooked until they’re very soft into the broth I often add to the dogs’ food. (One of my dogs cracked his tooth on a beef bone so I stopped giving them beef bones.) The dogs love it, and it does seem to help.

All I do is buy chicken carcasses (usually 2 for $1) and sometimes chicken feet ($1.59/lb last time I bought them – supposed to be high in glucosamine), simmer them in water for a couple days, sometimes with celery if I have some to use up, and then use my stick blender to blend everything together. The danger of cooked chicken bones is in sharp fragments, and the biggest fragments I’ve seen after this treatment are maybe 2-3 mm long.