I went bathing suit shopping yesterday, determined to find a second polyester swimsuit. (Polyester suits are much longer lasting in chlorinated water. Buying them requires careful label reading because often the inner layer is polyester and the outer layer is nylon – both should be polyester. The one I bought was 100% polyester inside and 92% polyester 8% spandex outside – I’ll see how it lasts.)

I found a really nice suit – full price, but the polyester suits don’t seem to go on sale as often. (I did get $10 off because of a gift card I bought on ebay.) I tried on a polyester competition-style swimsuit, which looked hilarious on me. It was made for someone close to my size but with smaller breasts and butt. Part of me wanted to buy it – it was on sale! – but logic won and I bought the bathing suit that fit well. (Not to mention, the bathing suit that fit well was fully lined whereas the competition-style suit was not lined through the butt.)

When I went to the pool for a swim in my new suit, I ended up changing in front of a giant mirror. My belly looked so big and saggy! I was half convinced I’d weigh myself this morning and be up several pounds – nope, still weighing around 212.

I’m glad that generally I feel good about my body, but it’s funny how feeling badly can creep up on me.