I think I’ve actually made a habit of making and eating mayo – it’s my third or fourth week making and eating a batch. I’ve been trying to finish it within a week, and haven’t noticed any ill effects from eating it at the end of the week.

One thing that’s nice is not feeling like I need to measure. I just dump an egg in a wide mouth mason jar, add some vinegar or lemon juice (less than I’d think), some mustard powder or mustard, and some salt, then blend it for a minute with my stick blender. Then I drizzle in oil until it seems thick enough. I usually make it with avocado oil. (The relatively inexpensive stuff from Costco.) I tried it with olive oil once, but I only have extra virgin so it didn’t taste particularly good.

This week, I didn’t add enough acid (red wine vinegar this week) so and so I just blended some in at the end, which worked fine. One week I added too much lemon juice and not enough oil so it ended up more the consistency of salad dressing. So I used it on salad.

I’m doing pretty well at avoiding vegetable oils, other than olive, coconut, and avocado. I’ve stopped using them at home and taken the commercial salad dressings I had in the fridge to work for others to use. I’m sure they appear in the occasional restaurant meal, but not using them at home makes a big difference.

I don’t know whether avoiding vegetable oils makes any difference to my health, but it certainly helps me to avoid processed foods.