I drove to a local organic farm to pick up some grass fed beef. It’s a great little farm – cows, ducks and chickens are hanging out in various parts of the yard. Anyway, organ meats are only $5 per pound, compared to $6.25 per pound for ground beef. I didn’t see any liver, but they had tons of kidney and I picked up a heart. Heart is really easy – thaw it, trim it, and cook it in anything like chili or stew. I didn’t pick up kidneys this time, but I’m going to next time since I see lots of recipes that look good online.

Oh, and I picked up a summer sausage. Can’t go wrong with those.

Beef bones + onion, carrots and celery are simmering on the stove for beef stock and cooking fat. I’ll leave that simmering for a couple days to get maximum gelatin out.

These bones come with some meat and a fair bit of tendon on them – the dogs will enjoy that.