I was hoping that working toward eating autoimmune paleo might help with my low carb compliance, but instead it is making junk food at work that I’ve mostly been able to resist for over 2 years seem unnaturally appealing. This week, I had a DQ sugar-free chocolate fudge bar, a chocolate-toffee square, and a (not even very good) chocolate chip cookie.

Anyway, I think I’m better off going back to normal low carb. I was at Costco tonight, and I picked up some lamb chops, macadamia nuts, oka cheese, hemp hearts, spinach, strawberries, and raspberries. (Yes, only the nuts, cheese, and hemp hearts aren’t autoimmune paleo.) It’s amazing how filling an ounce of macadamia nuts is. (It works out to about $1/oz, which isn’t terrible as long as I watch my portions.)

I am going to continue trying to limit my vegetable oils and I’ve become quite fond of homecooked pork belly for breakfast.