More of my food is shifting to autoimmune paleo as my non-compliant perishables run out. I used the last of my butter and my opened cheese in a zucchini casserole, which I’ll finish eating today or tomorrow. (I’m just going to keep my sealed packages of cheese in a plastic bag in the bottom of the fridge – out of sight, out of mind.) I’ve still been eating peanut butter, but I only have a few tablespoons left in the open jar in my fridge and I hid my sealed jar in the back of a cupboard where I also put my nightshades, seed-based spices, sweeteners, etc.

I made a smoothie with some home-grown black currants and the last of my sour cream. (Oh, and the last of my monk fruit-erythritol sweetener.)

I haven’t had chocolate or caffeine since last Friday, which is pretty good. (I was a decaf coffee and tea drinker, so I didn’t have physical symptoms of withdrawl, but when I get a bit sleepy during a workday I do think fondly of coffee. Avoiding chocolate has been easier than I would have expected.) I do think that even cutting out this small amount of caffeine is helping with my sleep.

The path to autoimmune paleo has been great for my appetite – I used to be hungry mid-morning and I’m not now. As with my lack of mid-afternoon hunger last week, there’s still an emotional/habitual component to get over.

Last night, I made a crispy Chinese pork belly. Breakfast was stir-fried zucchini with slices of pork belly. I’m still not bored of zucchini + meat for breakfast.