I signed up for the Diet Doctor preview and watched My Big, Fat Diet today. (Weird that it’s not on IMDB.) It’s a great movie – I wish things like this would influence public policy.

I was reading the grocery flyers this morning and it occurred to me that planning to go autoimmune paleo means there’s not much point in doing this. Flyer prices on meat and vegetable are seldom a better price than regular prices at the Chinese and Vietnamese market. And most of the foods in the flyer are ones I’m choosing not to eat. (I suppose frozen fruit and veg are an exception – they can go on pretty good sales.)

I’m thinking that autoimmune paleo will reduce my food costs enough that it’ll feel more affordable to buy better quality meats. (This place http://laeppleorganic.ca/price-list-3/ is a short drive away.)

After I finished the bacon I had on hand last week, I picked up some fresh pork belly to eat instead. I cut off the rind and added it to the broth I was making (it has good gelatin in it, and of course I can use the fat that congeals on top of the broth for cooking). Then I sliced the pork rind by hand (so it was thicker than bacon), spread it out on a baking sheet, and baked it at 400, flipping once, until it was relatively crisp and brown. I should have salted it first, at minimum, but it’s still pretty tasty. I had it on top of stir-fried zucchini for lunch.

I might do the next batch in brine to distribute the salt through the meat.