Yesterday was not a great day, low carb or potential autoimmune paleo-wise. I donated blood (and didn’t have any cookies afterward) and work provided lunch afterward, which was lentil salad and a ham and cheese sandwich on baguette. Then we had a town hall meeting where I had cheese, a couple sweet potato chips, a bunch of roasted vegetables, some hot spinach dip, some red bell pepper cream cheese, a crisp flatbread, some berries, and a cup of black tea. But, again, I avoided the desserts.

Oh, I did have my last sugar-free hazelnut chocolate bar yesterday as well.

Then I came home and made thai green curry (coconut milk, green onions, green curry paste, asparagus, broccoli, and leftover grocery store roast chicken). I drank my last beer with that. (And I won’t be buying any more beer until I give autoimmune paleo a fair shot.)

This morning’s breakfast was better – leftover zucchini, bell pepper, and green onion stir fry with bacon. I just had a shot of raw apple cider. (Again, I don’t really mind the taste and I’m trying to up my fermented foods.) And a couple pieces of 85% chocolate – again, I’m choosing to finish it up before committing.

I’m out of fruit – although I could go outside and harvest some rhubarb and black currants. I’m planning to increase my consumption of berries a bit while I’m trying autoimmune paleo to have a permitted source of sweetness as I’m trying to take a break from sweeteners.

Oh, and on the donating blood front, when I last donated by hemoglobin level was 126 g/L, just above the minimum of 125 g/L. I took a cycle off, and 4 months later my hemoglobin was at a more comfortable 139 g/L. (Your hemoglobin typically temporarily drops 10 g/L after donation.) So I should be good to go again in 2 months.