I overdid dinner a bit – I had a steak with garlic butter and crispy onions, roasted veg, and caesar salad at a restaurant. I was thinking of having an antacid but decided to try apple cider vinegar since I’ve been thinking of giving autoimmune paleo a shot and I’ve seen it recommended on paleo blogs. I’m surprised – drinking a shot of apple cider vinegar wasn’t particularly pleasant, but it really helped my indigestion.

Update: Because the only other autoimmune paleo-compliant source of probiotics I currently have on hand is sauerkraut, I’ve started taking a shot of apple cider vinegar per day as a probiotic supplement. I’d rather skip the probiotic pills if I can. It feels funny pulling out my shot glass once a day. It hasn’t caused any indigestion – it’s hard to say if it’s made indigestion better since I don’t get indigestion all that often. Anyway, I’ll probably finish up my farmer’s market fresh apple cider vinegar this week and pick up more on the weekend.

I have this book and have made kosher dill pickles, sauerkraut and sauerruben (fermented rutabaga) in the past, so I’ll start doing that again.