I’ve been watching a bunch of Tim Noakes and Robert Lustig’s videos on YouTube. One thing that it makes me wonder is, as I’m trying to figure out what level of carbs works for me, how I would characterize my degree of metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance.

  • Large waist circumference. Yes, my waist circumference is about 40″.
  • High triglyceride level. It’s been a while since I’ve had my cholesterol tested since it was consistently normal. I haven’t had it tested since I started eating low carb, but I expect my current HDL level would be higher than it has been in the past.
  • Reduced HDL cholesterol. Again, was always normal in the past.
  • Increased blood pressure. Runs low to normal.
  • Elevated fasting blood sugar. My HbA1c has always been normal.

So is my waist circumference enough to say that my current level of carbs is too high for me? On a purely esthetic level, it would be great to lose my belly fat. But I don’t know whether there’s actually a health reason to do so.

My weight on the scale this morning was 212. It’s good to see after too many mornings around 214.