I ordered some litres of Hewitt’s Dairy whipping cream, which is just cream without any thickeners or other additives, to the health food store near my work. It’s great – they take special orders once a week and the cream cost $6.59/L. Cheap heavy cream varies from $4.19/L at Costco to $5.49 at the Vietnamese market to $5.99 at the less expensive grocery store and $6.99 at the more expensive grocery store. So $6.59 for better quality cream is very reasonable.

Anyway, I was going to a friend’s house to spend some time socializing around a fire. Before I left, I had a snack of 1/2 cup whipping cream whipped with 2 Tbsp. peanut butter and 12 drops caramel stevia. At the party, there was lots of chocolate around and I wasn’t tempted at all. The magic of peanut butter!

I’m still on the plateau that won’t end and struggling to get my carbs back down. But it’s nice to have a night’s success.