I picked up some Splenda minis and Hermesetas (saccharin) at the pharmacy today. The warning on Hermesetas in Canada is pretty harsh, but from what I’ve read it’s not supported by science. (Not to mention I am not pregnant and have no intention to become so.)

Anyway, I was curious to test the synergistic effect of saccharine when combined with different sweeteners. In hot cocoa, 1 tsp equivalent sucralose and 1 tsp equivalent saccharin sweetens similarly to 1 tsp equivalent sucralose and 1 tsp equivalent cyclamate. (Which sweetens similarly to 4 tsp sucralose, ignoring the fact that sucralose alone doesn’t produce good results with chocolate flavours.) It wasn’t quite enough to sweeten my hot cocoa so I added 4 drops of cinnamon-vanilla stevia and it’s perfect. I feel like there’s a bit of a cooling effect, but am curious whether this is because of the cinnamon flavouring. I’ll try 2:1 saccharin:sucralose and 1:2 saacharin:sucralose to see which I prefer. (I like 2:1 sucralose:cyclamate, for example.)

I also want to try combining saccharin with cyclamate as well as saccharine, cyclamate, and sucralose together.

I’m happy with the Ezsweetz drops for using at home, but I’ve been using packets of Splenda at work so I thought I’d see if I like the minis as well. (I don’t take sweetener in coffee or normal tea, but there are a couple of flavours of tea – vanilla rooibos and pumpkin spice black tea – that are great for a sweet craving with a packet of Splenda and some cream.) A packet of Splenda weighs 1 g, most of which is dextrose, whereas 2 minis weighs 0.11 g, so it can’t have any more carbohydrate than that.

(When I was a kid, my dad used Hermesetas in his coffee. I decided to try one by sticking it in my mouth. Not recommended – yuck.)