I’m into my third day of Atkins induction. (I haven’t gotten under 20 net carbs yet, but being around 25 is still very good for me.) This morning, I had a bulletproof espresso instead of hot cocoa for breakfast. I sweetened it with a few drops of caramel stevia. Note for next time: warm the butter, coconut oil, and heavy cream before adding the hot espresso. The heat from the espresso was enough to melt the butter and coconut oil, but the drink ended up lukewarm.

Anyway, now that my appetite is more under control, the only thing I really want to get a handle on is fiber. I’m eating leafy greens and other lower carb vegetables, but my fiber is still much lower than I’d like. Flax to the rescue! Today, I followed this recipe to make some Italian flavoured flax crackers. I omitted the honey. They turned out great – I like the Italian seasonings.