While waiting for a friend at McDonald’s, I noticed a diet button on the touch screen of their new fountain beverage dispensers. They used to only offer diet cola, which I don’t like, so I’d gotten into the habit of ordering sugar free vanilla iced coffee, coffee with cream, or nothing. Today, I was out and thirsty so I dropped by to get a beverage. There’s a pretty impressive selection – Barq’s (my least favourite root beer, but still), Mr Pibb (which I haven’t tried before but might try sometime), a variety of diet iced tea flavours, and a variety of sparkling water flavours. I went with half diet peach iced tea and half lemon sparkling water. I liked the combination.

Initially, I tried to go through the drive through but the fancy beverage options are only available in the store. Totally worth getting out of the car. (One note – fountain drinks are taxed differently than iced coffee, so $1+tax is $1.05 for iced coffee and $1.13 for fountain drinks.)