I’m reading The Low Carb High Fat Cookbook by Sten Sture Skaldeman, which has me inspired to start using creme fraiche. When I was at the Wholesale Club picking up a kilo and a half of cream cheese (it hasn’t been on sale lately), I noticed that heavy cream was $4.99/L. It occasionally goes on sale for $1.99/500 mL, but the best regular price I’ve seen otherwise is $5.49 at the Vietnamese market. (And they don’t always have it.) Anyway, I picked up 2 and followed this recipe with Astro Balkan yogurt. I ended up letting it ferment on the counter for 36 hours since it wasn’t thick at 24. It tastes great – tonight, I had 1/4 cup of it sweetened with homemade vanilla stevia as a snack.

The cream doesn’t expire until July, so if I keep enough free space in the fridge, I could buy a few weeks worth of heavy cream at a time, which would be pretty handy.