I mixed up some vanilla and lemon stevia drops today. A store near me carries 30 mL glass droppers, so I halved this recipe and added 2 tsp of lemon extract to half of the stevia-water mixture and 2 tsp of vanilla extract to half of the stevia-water mixture.

I need to pick up a tiny funnel for the next time I make this. I used parchment paper rolled into a cone this time, but it didn’t work all that well so I spilled some.

I tried the vanilla stevia drops in my peanut butter whipped cream yesterday and today. 0.4 mL (the dropper has measurements indicated on it) did not sweeten the whipped cream noticeably and 0.8 mL was not quite as sweet as the dozen drops of commercial vanilla stevia I normally use. I’ll report back on the lemon stevia drops after I try them.