I just noticed that My Fitness Pal has been recording my erythritol as 3 carbs per tsp, no fiber, which has been inflating the carbs I’m consuming. I was hoping that there would be an option to display sugar alcohols, but I don’t see one. Really, if I’m aiming for 75 total carbs, less 25 g fiber, less up to 20 g of sugar alcohols, 30 net carbs would put me in a better position to lose weight.

I started my day with 100 g heavy cream beaten with 12 drops of vanilla stevia and 20 g unsweetened smooth peanut butter. Yum! This will save me some protein for later in the day since I’m having a swiss chalet double leg dinner with steamed vegetables as my side for dinner.

Yes, tracking is good for me 🙂