I’ve been finding it increasingly hard to motivate myself to go to TOPS so I’ve decided to take a break from meetings and meet with my friend who is also trying to lose weight eating low carb to weigh ourselves and discuss or watch a video about low carb eating.

So far, I’ve tracked my food for 3 days in a row, which is very unusual for me. I’ve set my goals as 3000 calories, 10% carbs (total carbs, not net carbs), and 10% protein. (The first day was on fatsecret but I’ve moved to my fitness pal since it’s what my friend is using. I like its import recipe function.) I’m also keeping an eye on my iron since my goal is to be able to donate blood next month.

My observations so far:

  • Iron is good, although I’ve had burgers the past couple days so I might need to work harder at it on days when I’m not eating beef.
  • My protein is higher than I’d like (averaging 150 when I’d rather be under 100) and I’m starting out the day too high with my 5 small eggs. I want to reduce the number of eggs I’m eating but I need to figure out an easy breakfast dish that replaces the protein calories with fat. Creamed spinahc alongside a smaller omelette might be nice.
  • My fiber is too low. I want to do some higher fiber baking, probably something with flax. I also want to increase my vegetables.
  • My fat is too low a lot of the time, which makes me hungry and pushes me to spoonfuls of peanut butter, which bring up my carbs and protein. I’m tempted to try making a peanut butter spread that’s half peanut butter half pure fat – maybe coconut oil? I want to make some fat bombs too.