Friday, I was out of leftovers (I know, impossible) so lunch was: bacon (quickly cooked in a frying pan and its fat left to cook the eggs), a cheese omelette, kimchi as a side dish, and sriracha mayo on the omelette. I’m loving kimchi as a side dish these days. (It has about 1 carb, 1/2 of it fiber, per oz.)
This weekend, I’ve done some advance cooking – cooked a bunch of chicken quarters, roasted some green beans in bacon fat, precooked some bacon. I still have some ground pork to cook up (meatloaf? I’m having trouble deciding) and some broccoli and cauliflower to roast, probably in chicken fat.
I’m eating more vegetables than I had been, and I’m liking it.
Oh, and now I’m drinking a whisky 🙂