I’m almost out of homemade dog treats, and I couldn’t be bothered walking to the Chinese market for chicken livers, so I threw these together. My dogs love sardines. Using ground flax instead of soy flour makes treats a bit crumblier, but it also makes cleanup easier. Soy flour makes a crazily sticky batter. I just sprinkle the crumbles that remain at the end over the dogs’ food.

3 eggs

2 cans sardines in water, liquid included (Brunswick sardines in water are unsalted)

cod liver oil (this was just for some extra flavour)

solids from making chicken broth, larger bones picked out (I simmered them for 2 days, so the small bones blended easily. I used maybe a cup or so.)

chicken broth

ground flax

Blend the eggs with the sardines, a tablespoon or so of cod liver oil, and the chicken solids. After the mixture is smooth, put it in a bowl. Add some chicken broth to the blender and blend to remove most of the solids from the blender jar. Add the chicken broth to the bowl. Add flax until the mixture is spreadable.

Line a full sheet pan or 2 half sheet pans with silpat or parchment paper. Oil the silpat or parchment paper – I used olive oil because I had a bit left in a bottle, but any fat would be fine. Spread the mixture over the pans as evenly as you can.

Bake at 200 for a few hours until the mixture is firm and can be sliced. Cut into small pieces and spread them over the pans. Continue baking until the pieces are very dry. Cool fully and the store in the freezer, removing a couple days’ worth at a time.