I followed this recipe, with these changes: 3 oz unsweetened chocolate, omitted the cocoa powder, only 1 tsp. cinnamon, 3 packets cyclamate sweetener + 2 Tbsp. generic Splenda instead of the unrefined sugar, and omitted the toppings. Oh, and I added a pinch of salt like always. I like the cinnamon and chocolate together and the balance of sweetness, but the pudding turned out too stiff – if I’d put it in a greased pan I could have sliced it. I might add a cup of soy milk to the recipe next time to thin it out.

I found it by way of this blog, which I found while searching for a recipe.

I do wonder what the best way to break the weight loss plateau I find myself on is. The 21-day sugar detox is one possibility, and Whole 30 another. (Huh – they have a book. I’ve put it on hold at the library.) Of course, just tracking my eating to help myself be stricter with LCHF might be sufficient.