Phew! After my 2.2 lb loss over Christmas, I had small gains for several weeks. It’s great to have stayed the same this week. I wasn’t particularly compliant this week, so I’m confident if I stay low carb this week I should be able to record a good loss next week.
I presented on sweeteners at the TOPS meeting. I’ll post my handout. It went pretty well. Because I had 1/2 hour, I limited the discussion to different types available, their calories and carbohydrates, and how they’re best used, mostly in baking.
One of the leaders is not keen on sweeteners and recommended that people speak to their doctors before consuming sweeteners. I think that it’s more caution than is necessary.
I’m going to visit my parents this weekend, which is often a trigger for overconsuming carbs. I suggested Swiss Chalet, where I normally have a double-leg dinner (0 carbs), sauce (5 carbs), green salad (3 net carbs), and blue cheese dressing (2 carbs). No roll, of course. My grandma loves Swiss Chalet, so it should work out.
I will plan on making some low-carb custard, since I know my grandma likes it, too.