When I was looking for Lindt 85% cacao or 90% cacao chocolate, I found this store brand 85% cacao chocolate. It’s nice – milder than Lindt 85%. It costs $2.27 for 100 g, so if Lindt is on sale for $2.50 (as it frequently is), the price difference is minimal. But at Lindt’s regular price of around $3.69, the difference is significant.
I also noticed that Dollarama is carrying 35 g of 85% cacao Lindt chocolate, which works out to $2.85/100 g. This has the added bonus of portion control if this is an issue for you. (It isn’t for me unless I’m in the car. I might pick up some Dollarama bars for that reason.)
I haven’t tried Green & Black’s 85% cacao chocolate yet, but I will seek it out. (I didn’t care for Ghirardelli’s 86% cacao chocolate.) I hope PC will make an 85%+ cacao chocolate bar.