This article starts out well – “researchers found that the type of carbs may not matter in lowering risk of heart disease” and “Overall, those eating the low-carb diets had lower risk factors for heart disease compared to the group eating more carbohydrates, but the type of carbs didn’t seem to make much difference.”

I base my low carb eating on the idea that the amount of carbs I eat determines my weight, regardless of their source. I try to get the highest value for my carbs by eating the ones I like the most, not the ones that are the most “healthy”. (Certainly, I eat vegetables regularly, but I like them and I use them as a delicious vehicle for fat.) I haven’t had any whole wheat bread in ages since I’d rather have a chocolate croissant or a heavily buttered fresh roll if I’m going to treat myself.

And then the article deteriorates into the party line ‘“Consumers should just look at the food, and not worry whether it has a low glycemic index or a high glycemic index,” says Sacks. “If it’s a fruit or vegetable, or a whole grain, then it’s fine.”’ Which the study they’re reporting in no way supports.