How cool is this – someone has already created a low carb buche de noel recipe. I might make one this Christmas.

I went for all you can eat sushi this week and did well on the low carb front. It’s getting easier 🙂 I asked for a bowl of spicy mayo since I love spicy salmon rolls but avoid the rice. I had lots of salmon sashimi, some with spicy mayo. I had seaweed salad, a beef skewer, eggplant, edamame, beef wrapped around green onions, beef wrapped around asparagus, mussels with cheese, and crab with cheese. (Probably fake crab which is relatively high carb but still not terrible.) I indulged in 2 avocado nigiri and otherwise stayed away from rice.

I skipped dessert, which I’ve never found very good at this particular restaurant anyway. Anyway, I’m glad it’s getting much easier to go for sushi without overdoing the carbs. (Going on Tuesday, when the buffet is $16.99 instead of $19.99 on other weekdays and $21.99 on weekends, also helps reduce my impulse to overindulge.)