I went to open trampoline tonight. ($10+tx to spend up to an hour on a trampoline, alternating with up to 2 other people.) For the first time, there were fewer people than trampolines so there was no alternating! I kept going for longer than I thought I would – 35 minutes with some short breaks – although of course the intensity was sometimes less than it was when I was jumping 2 minutes and resting 4.

The last time I was looking for stretchy pants, I found a pair with a more structured waist and a side zipper. They’re fancy looking enough that I sometimes wear them to work. Anyway, they are amazing for jumping! I don’t have to keep pulling them up! I think I’ll save my yoga pants for schlubbing around the house and wear these pants when I’m moving around a lot.

On a related note, I have some relatively low rise jeans that I believe are going to be my last such pair. They seem to have gone straight from slightly too tight to having trouble staying up. (I haven’t lost weight in over a month, but I do think my body composition is changing somewhat.)