Last night, I attended a gathering of local food and environmental-minded folks. One of them mentioned, disapprovingly, that 97% of people in our region don’t follow the Canada Food Guide. I didn’t say anything, but of course I don’t follow it for very good reasons. (I’d still weigh almost 250 lbs if I did.) I eat according to the best evidence I can find and according to what works for my body.

I expect my weight will be up at TOPS this week. I opened a bottle of lovely dry white wine on the weekend, so I’ve had a glass of that on 3 different days. Last night I indulged in some breaded calamari. I’m pretty sure the ginger tea I had last night was sweetened. And I had potato chips at curling on the weekend.
Anyway, I don’t feel badly about any of this – I’m confident I’ll lose weight on weeks when my carbs are lower.