Woo-hoo! I’m very excited to have dropped below 210. It feels like I’ve been hovering between 211 and 215 for a while now. 1.4 lbs until I’ve lost 40 lbs!

It’s been an interesting week, food-wise. (Not counting my vacation since I got home from it 12 hours after the last TOPS meeting, which I missed.) I’ve been drinking a coconut milk-based homemade iced cap a day, I made a loaf of coconut milk bread and I’ve been eating that regularly, and I’ve been eating big spoonfuls of sweetened peanut butter more often than seems reasonable. But I’ve had very little fruit other than the strawberries in my homemade, xylitol-sweetened jam and I haven’t eaten out. (I did have a meal after a funeral, but it was LCHF – I skipped the buns and had cold cuts, mayo, egg salad, vegetables, dip, and a bit of fruit.)