15 or 20 years ago, I used to buy a product called Wobble that was jello made with yogurt. After it stopped being available, I would make it occasionally. Today, I tried making it low carb for the first time. It was a mixed success. I used sugar-free green jello, a cup of boiling water, a bit of heavy cream I wanted to use up, and plain, full-fat yogurt to bring the volume to 2 cups. I blended it with my stick blender to get the yogurt to mix into the jello. I let it set, and a layer of clear green jello formed at the bottom while the top is softer and a bit foamy. It’s good, but I’m curious about whether the sugar-free jello reacts differently, whether it was the heavy cream, whether I didn’t blend it for long enough, or what. Anyway, it tastes kind of like my teenage years.