Yesterday I was out and about and hungry, so I picked up a chicken caesar salad at McDonald’s. I skipped the croutons, used the entire 45 g package of dressing, and chose crispy chicken over grilled. McDonald’s web site doesn’t list the croutons separately, but a 15 g package of fast food croutons has 9.5 g carbohydrates including 0.7 g fiber according to another site. So, the crispy chicken caesar salad without the croutons has 28 – 9.5 = 17.5 g of carbohydrate and 8 + 0.7 = 8.7 g of fiber, or 8.8 net carbs. If I’d gone with grilled chicken, it would have been 15 – 9.5 = 5.5 g carbohydrate and 5.7 g fiber, or 0 carbohydrate. Hmm… that would be negative carbs, so I guess the croutons at McDonald’s must be a bit different or there’s a rounding issue. Anyway, about 10 net carbs, including 1 g for the salad dressing isn’t too bad. I’ll ask for an extra packet of salad dressing next time – I found 1 packet a bit skimpy.