I made these pancakes tonight. I used El Popular chicharrones. (Most grocery stores near me don’t seem to carry pork rinds. I haven’t tried the Mexican markets, although of course I should, but I can get SunAsia pork rinds at the Chinese market and El Popular chicharrones at a smaller local grocery store. Neat that SunAsia sells ground chicharrones – I haven’t seen them but I’ll keep an eye out.) Anyway, they puff up beautifully and they are chewy sort of like french toast. I had a couple with blackstrap molasses (less than a teaspoon between the two since of course it’s not a low carb food) and a couple with cinnamon-erythritol. Of the low carb pancakes I’ve tried, I think these would be best to offer to people who don’t eat low carb. (As long as they’re not vegetarian, obviously.)

I’ve made these a few times now. Do use a decent amount of whatever fat you’re using to grease the pan. (I’ve been using bacon fat.) They stuck to my cast iron pretty badly when I didn’t grease it enough. Doubling the batch is not a bad idea if you have more than one person eating – I can comfortably eat 3/4 of a batch.