I made almond butter by following these instructions. She’s not kidding about the almonds taking a long time to become butter! I think it was closer to 30 minutes for me, although I stopped the food processor several times to push down the wall of almond crumbs that formed at the top of the food processor. The almond butter turned out nice and smooth – I expect it’ll make great paleo bread.

Do not attempt in a cheap food processor – my food processor is an attachment to my Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine (mine is an older version), which can process for a long time without overheating.

Anyway, I can get whole almonds on sale for $6/lb and almond butter typically costs $10-11/lb. Given that I can process a pound or less of almond butter at a time, it’s not really worth it to me to run my food processor for 30 minutes and then clean it to save $4-5/lb.