Tonight, I made paleo almond butter bread. I liked the video, too, although the fellow in the video must have pretty strong arms because I can’t imagine beating eggs into almond butter by hand. (Do beat the almond butter well whether you have strong arms or use a hand mixer like I did. My bread had a few chunks of almond butter, which tasted fine but didn’t have as bread-like a texture as the rest of the loaf.) I used parchment paper as the recipe advised. Anyway, I’m not sure if his almond butter was salted, but the bread tastes pretty bland to me – I’ll add 1/2 tsp. salt next time. The texture is softer and a bit drier than simple and fluffy gluten-free bread. I haven’t made simple and fluffy gluten-free bread lately, so I’ll have to make that next to see which I like better. (With the addition of salt to this recipe, of course.)

With the amounts in the recipe, the loaf rose high above my bread pan so the slices are the size of traditional bread slices, which will be nice for sandwiches. (It’s a fairly large loaf – probably cutting it in half and freezing half would be a good idea for me in general.)

Anyway, I sliced it while it was still warm and had the slice with butter and cinnamon-erythritol. Yum!

I might have to invest in some rings to make buns.