Going to the vegetarian coffee shop near my work is just a tease. Quiche, chickpea salad, and a decaf americano with cream were relatively low carb given the choices available, but seeing the chickpea burger on one of their delicious rolls and pumpkin pie that I actually wanted made my meal more of a tease. And I came back to work craving muffins. (I will make some low carb muffins tonight.)

On a related note, I had a filling breakfast this morning (3 pork sausages, 2 fried eggs, salsa, and homemade iced tea) then failed to eat anything other than a cup of almonds and 40 g of 90% cocoa chocolate until almost 5 p.m. Not good for the willpower. (I was less hungry than I would have expected but, really, I should treat myself better. I did miss lunch because I was having a massage.)