This is one of those recipes where I ended up making more substitutions than I’d intended, so any difference in my results is purely my fault.

I made magic rolls today. I’ve wanted to for a while because the photos look amazing. When I’d already started, I realized I only had 1/2 cup vital wheat gluten, so I used 1/2 cup of full-fat soy flour. (I’d planned on using soy flour based on the comment “or any flour, really.”) The batter was thinner than the recipe described and the rolls were flatter, which may have been more because I used extra-large eggs instead of large rather than because of the flour substitution. I should have started checking the rolls earlier because they over-browned – I might reduce the temperature to 400 degrees next time. Anyway, I sliced a roll while it was still hot and buttered it liberally and it was delicious. Definitely something I’ll try again with the full amount of vital wheat gluten.

I sliced and froze the remaining rolls in a sealed plastic tub. This morning, I toasted a roll and buttered it for breakfast. For lunch, I had a veggie burger with hot peppers, grated cheddar, and PC aioli on a toasted roll. At supper, I managed to resist the lure of a third roll.

I made 8 rolls instead of 12, so here is the nutritional information for 8 rolls and the change to 1/2 cup soy flour and 1/2 cup vital wheat gluten.