I received a SodaStream for Christmas. I bought it mostly because I like drinking carbonated water and expect I’ll drink a lot of homemade carbonated lemonade.

It came with a dozen flavour packs that each make a litre of pop. The diet flavours are aspartame and sucralose-sweetened and contain artificial colour, so they’re not ideal, but I’m trying them anyway. So far, I’ve tried the Cola Sugar Free and Diet Orange flavours. I don’t like cola, but the SodaStream cola didn’t taste half bad to me. (Which might be a bad sign for it tasting right to cola drinkers.) The diet orange tastes like orange crush to me – pretty good. I’ll drink the Diet Lemon-Lime and Diet Pink Grapefruit at some point in time and hold on to the sugar-sweetened flavours for when I have guests. (The web site also has 5 more diet flavours, 3 crystal light flavours, and 3 more “My Water” flavours that are sugar-free.)

Since Zevia makes my favourite pop (stevia and erythritol-sweetened), I asked them if they’ve considered making syrup to make Zevia with a soda maker. They said not yet. I’ll post as I try making my own.

Incidentally, my parents bought it on sale at Canadian Tire but it’s interesting to see that Soda Stream has inexpensive refurbished models on its web site http://www.sodastream.ca/shop/specials.php.