My stepmum discarded most of the turkey skin as she was carving the turkey, so it was a bit challenging eating low carb high fat at dinner. I’ll try to remember to ask her to save it for me before she starts carving the turkey next time.

Appetizers were cheese, grapes, crackers, and sushi (?!), which was a departure for my family. I had several pieces of sushi but no crackers. At dinner, I skipped the stuffing, went for the gravy, had some peas, had a tablespoon or so of mashed potatoes, had a small croissant with lots of butter, and had some carrot and turnip, so I did so-so. I had one portion of dessert, a cranberry mousse.

Anyway, I have a week until my next weigh-in so I expect one meal won’t make much difference.

I planned my day poorly – I should have had a filling lunch before making the drive. Very little is open around here on Christmas day, so I stopped by Starbucks for an Americano with cream and a bag of dry roasted almonds.

I received a bunch of sugary treats at Christmas, but most of it isn’t very tempting to me so I’m just planning to give it all away.