Despite the fact that my poor TOPS attendance means I haven’t recorded a weight loss recently, the fit of my clothes suggests I’m still losing weight. The size 16 GAP jeans I bought a couple weeks ago have gone from skintight to comfortable.

My 18W Land’s End snowpants, which I bought several years ago but remain in great condition, are noticeably loose. Thankfully, they have velcro at the waist that will cinch it by a few inches, so they should be good for the rest of the winter, at least. (Last winter I couldn’t always do up the button at the waist, so this is a big change.) I’ll keep an eye out for a smaller pair, but secondhand women’s snowpants don’t come up often. (I paid about $100 for the snowpants when I bought them.)

My parkas have become noticeably too large. I swapped one with a friend whose parka was too small for her and fits me, which was a good deal for both of us. The other, a mid-calf length one I mostly wear for dog walks that wasn’t particularly attractive even when it did fit, I’ll continue wearing until I can find a suitable replacement.