Today I has a curling clinic (4 hours of on-ice instruction, lunch, and 1 hour of in-class time). I assumed that lunch would be something that would make it easy to eat around the carbs. Not so much – it was a buffet of pasta and chicken in a creamy sauce with rolls and desserts. Anyway, I had maybe a cup of pasta, heavy on the chicken and creamy sauce, with 2 pats of butter on top. Then after everyone had eaten and it was clear there was plenty for seconds and thirds, I went back and had a chicken-only course, topped with two more pats of butter. Later, I had a couple of pepperettes. I had several cups of decaf coffee with cream. I was super hungry when I got home, but I coped. 250 g of chicken penne has 45 net carbs according to fatsecret, which is a lot but manageable on an active day.

Anyway, next time I’ll actually ask what we’re eating and pack food if necessary. I’m glad that breakfast was low carb (garlic sausages and a tomato).