I can no longer buy 10% fat yogurt at the grocery store, so I decided to mix some up at home. Ideally, you’d warm the cream and yogurt to 105-112 degrees and hold them there for 6 hours or so so that the bacteria in the yogurt would multiply using the sugar in the cream, but I didn’t bother since lactose doesn’t seem to be bothering me much these days. If I had creme fraiche, which has about the same fat percentage as whipping cream, I’d use that instead since it’s already cultured.

This recipe gave me the additional benefit of letting me buy 1% fat yogurt, which happened to be 50% off because it was within a couple days of the expiry date. (I’m not normally very worried about expiry dates and I’m even less worried about them for cultured yogurt since it tends to just get a bit more tart as it ages.)

1 cup 35% cream

3 cups plain 1-2% fat yogurt

Combine the cream with the yogurt and refrigerate. I added 4 packets of Krisda splash field berry for a fruit-flavoured yogurt.