Homemade hot chocolate mix

I used the Martha Stewart Recipe mostly for the ratio of sweetener to cocoa. I likely would have reduced the sweetener if I were mixing it with whole milk, but since I’ll be mixing it with unsweetened soy milk I figured it was fine as is. I might add cinnamon, ginger, cayenne, or other spices to a future batch since I enjoy mayan hot chocolate. The balance of sweetness and chocolatiness was good. There was a bit of grittiness at the end of the cup, although cocoa-based hot chocolate tends to do that. (To avoid it, I could pulse unsweetened chocolate with sweetener in a food processor and stir that into hot milk.) It’s also good stirred into coffee with cream for a mocha coffee.

1 cup erythritol

2/3 cup dutch cocoa powder, I used Cacao Camino

1/8 tsp. stevia

pinch salt

1 tsp. cinnamon, optional

Combine ingredients in an airtight jar. (You might consider sifting them together – I found the cocoa a bit clump-y.) To prepare, add 2 Tbsp. to a cup of hot low carb milk, such as heavy cream thinned with water, or unsweetened soy milk, flax milk, or almond milk.