I had a Thanksgiving dinner with friends and another with family. This is how it went, low carb-wise:

– I was responsible for cranberry sauce for the friends dinner, so I made it with erythritol and stevia and had some. They’re not big fake sugar eaters but liked the taste.

– I had a small piece of sugar-sweetened pumpkin pie doused with a lot of unsweetened whipped cream at the friends dinner.

– I made my gravy for the friends dinner with regular flour and decided that for the amount I had it wasn’t a huge deal.

– I had a small portion of regular stuffing at the friends dinner. I want to experiment with making stuffing with homemade low carb bread, but didn’t want to use my friends as guinea pigs in this case.

– There were a lot of vegetables at my family’s thanksgiving, so I had mashed carrots and turnip, steamed broccoli, and peas with a regular portion of turkey and a large portion of turkey skin. (Yum!) I also had regular gravy. But I skipped stuffing and dessert.

I also didn’t have any alcohol this weekend, although that was because of a medication change, not low carb.

So I’m sure I overshot my carbohydrate goal both days, but to a degree that I’m comfortable with.

I’ve been following this experiment with interest. From the comments: “Experiment 3 will be in January 2014 where I’l be doing 5,000 calories of the starch solution but no gluten containing starches. You are quite right in your assumption that I think it would be some where in between experiments 1 & 2” I haven’t read any plausible explanation for why gluten-containing starches would be more likely to cause weight gain than starches that don’t contain gluten. But certainly I’ll be interested in the outcome.