I tried a variation on this recipe (grated daikon instead of cauliflower, smoked smelt instead of smoked haddock). Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out well – I underestimated how salty the smoked smelt was so I seasoned the daikon mixture with salt and pepper before adding it. The fish was salty enough that I suspect it would have been too salty even without the additional salt. When I used to make kedgeree with rice I’d boil the smoked fish in water then cook the rice in the smoky/salty water. I expect that briefly boiling the smoked spelt in water then discarding it might leave a more appropriate level of saltiness.

It was my first time trying smoked smelt, an impulse buy from the farmer’s market. 2 of the 3 smelt had eggs (roe) – not sure if I should have saved them for another application, but I just chopped them up and added them with the flesh. (The pups took care of the heads and spines I removed. Not something I’d feed them often because of the salt, but OK as a very occasional treat.)

I ate it with a load of sour cream to cut the saltiness. I do want to try the recipe again, actually following it next time. (Except adding some butter – kedgeree should be buttery, in my opinion.)