I made peanut butter fudge brownies, following the recipe except skipping the chocolate drizzle (no particular reason – I’m sure it’s a nice touch) and using the smaller amount of powdered sweetener in the fudge. It’s funny – I didn’t notice that the recipe didn’t call for any flour until I’d mixed in the eggs. Anyway, the brownie is great. The peanut butter topping is tasty, but the cooling effect of erythritol really stands out. If you don’t enjoy it, use another sweetener. The topping is a bit crumbly when the brownies are straight from the fridge – you might want to let them sit out for a bit before eating them. (They were really excellent after an hour’s refrigeration when the brownie was just slightly warm.)

I think that they’d be even better with some chopped peanuts added to the brownie layer. I might also make the fudge with crunchy peanut butter.