Baked chicken wings

Based on this recipe. The crushed chiles made it pleasantly spicy to my tastes – use paprika if you don’t want it spicy. I refrigerated half the wings and nuked them the next day. (Be sure to cover them in the microwave or they can make quite the mess.) The skin was, of course, a bit softer (heating them in the toaster oven would be preferable) but perfectly acceptable.

Variation: after baking the wings, toss them with a vinegar hot sauce such as Valentina. (I bought it at a Mexican market. It has no added sugar and 0 carbs for 1 tsp.)

10 chicken wings, tips removed and saved for stock, wing split into 2 pieces

1/2 tsp. each: salt, crushed chiles, garlic, and onion powder (I might mix some of this up as a homemade seasoning salt – most of the seasoning salt recipes I see have too much salt and too little seasoning for my tastes)

1/4 tsp. black pepper

olive oil

carrot sticks, celery sticks, and blue cheese salad dressing, to serve

Preheat the oven to 375. Toss the wings with the seasonings and a couple tablespoons of olive oil. Arrange them on a baking sheet. Bake for about an hour, or until they’re nicely browned.

Serve with carrot sticks, celery sticks, and blue cheese dressing.