Wow! The cinnamon on the crust and the cranberry swirl are great. I made this recipe, with these changes:

  • used 1/4 tsp stevia in each of the cranberry sauce and the cheesecake mixture – it was plenty sweet to my tastes
  • used a food mill to strain the cranberry sauce (So much easier than a sieve. I’d never strained cranberry sauce before but I do think the smoother texture was good for this application.)
  • added 2 tsp. vanilla to the cheesecake mixture
  • omitted the lemon juice from the cranberry sauce and the cheesecake mixture (I’ll add it back to the cheesecake mixture next time)

Another blog I want to try a bunch of recipes from 🙂

Variation: 6 oz cranberries, 6 oz unsweetened frozen mixed berries, 1/4 cup xylitol, 1/8 tsp stevia, 1/8 tsp guar gum cooked the same way as the cranberry sauce.

The crust is equally good with a mixture of pecans and walnuts, as long as your walnuts are fresh so they’re not too bitter. (Need to get more pecans.) The second time I made this I only had 1 lb 4 oz cream cheese so I topped it up with 12 oz creme fraiche.