I’ve been thinking about it for a bit and on the weekend I cooked myself some meat for the first time in 7+ years. I think it’s completely possible to eat low carb and vegetarian, but I had a few issues with it.

  • I like interesting foods and low carb high fat vegetarian choices are very limited, unless the restaurant is Chinese or Thai.
  • I like cooking and eating with friends and I’ve been pretty impossible to cook for for the past while.
  • I was vegetarian for primarily environmental reasons and I’m not convinced that all the eggs, dairy, and fake meat I was eating is that preferable environmentally over some of the excellent meat choices I have available to me. (So far, I’ve just made beef broth, but I also have a half chicken, wing steaks, ground beef, and beef shanks in the freezer.)
  • I like the taste of meat.
  • If I start eating liver again, I might be able to give up the iron pills.

I’m still working out what eating meat is going to look like for me. Ideally, I’d like to restrict the meat I eat to:

  • grass-fed beef
  • pork that isn’t raised intensively (so smelly for the neighbors!)
  • chicken that aren’t caged
  • sustainable seafood choices (There’s so much information about it online! A lot of it involves a fair bit of research. For now, I see mussels, rainbow trout, and tilapia as safe choices.)

But sometimes, I admit, I’m going to make less-good choices.

On the weekend, I indulged a craving for Swiss Chalet chicken and dipping sauce (the dipping sauce is 5 g carbs including 2 g of fiber per small serving). I skipped the roll and had green salad and blue cheese salad dressing as my side.

Today I went for lunch at The Grill, a burger joint, and had a Greek salad with a sliced NY steak on top. (Reminded me a bit of a really great salad I had in Windsor with tomatoes, steak, and Havarti cheese.)

I do need to be a bit careful not to end up eating a stupid amount of protein since I’m still aiming for under 120 g. I’ve been looking up the fattiest cuts of beef šŸ™‚ (And eating in a way that it’s preferable to eat the fatty bits of steak and the chicken skin is awesome.) It looks like a 6 oz NY steak has 34 g protein and a quarter chicken dark with skin has 27 g of protein.