I made these coconut flour pancakes. I used 1/2 cup 10% fat yogurt and 1/2 cup water as the liquid, partially because I’m out of milk and partially because the 1 tsp. of baking soda without a corresponding acid seemed off to me. (Coconut flour might be acidic, but the other recipes I’ve seen called for baking powder.) I used 1/16 tsp. stevia. As before, I let the ingredients except the leavening (baking soda) soak for 20 minutes to let the coconut flour hydrate. They’re not bad, but I think 1/2 tsp. salt is too much and that more stevia and more vanilla would be an improvement. I ate them with low carb sweetened condensed milk.

The batter also makes a nice quickbread. After I’d made 5 small pancakes I got bored with that so I baked the rest of the batter in a greased pan in the toaster oven (400 degrees for 45 minutes). I had some this morning with jam.

I have heavy cream culturing with 10% fat yogurt to make cultured butter. I saved myself the extra dirty dish and am culturing the cream in the carton it came in, pinched closed with a clothespin.