Cold cut lasagna

I’m not sure that this would be all that appealing to anyone else in its current form, but knowing that I like the taste and texture of veggie cold cuts baked in sauce I might try things like a riff on a Reuben sandwich by layering smokey cold cuts (veggie corned beef is available) with sauerkraut, low carb thousand island dressing (using diced dill pickle instead of the relish), mustard, and swiss cheese and then baking it. (I enjoyed this enough that I had it for 2 meals in a couple days. The first one came about because I had an open package of Tofurky cold cuts and didn’t feel like a sandwich.)

1/2 pkg Tofurky cold cuts

grated cheese

1/2 cup no sugar added pasta sauce

Layer the Tofurky slices with the pasta sauce and cheese in a Pyrex dish that fits in the toaster oven. I used 2 layers of cheese – between every layer could be good, too. Top the last Tofurky slice with cheese. Bake at 400 for 10-15 minutes. Eat.