Caprese salad

It’s possible I should have waited ’til I had basil, but I bought a package of buffalo mozzarella 2 days before its expiry date for 50% off so eating it quickly was key. I could probably have replaced the basil with pesto since I do have that.

This was pretty good. I ate it for lunch with Yves veggie breakfast sausages. (Which really don’t go, but I ate half the package yesterday so I wanted to finish them up.)

1 large ripe tomato

1 pkg (100 g) buffalo mozzarella

fresh basil leaves (omitted because I didn’t have any)

olive oil

white wine vinegar

salt and pepper

Slice the tomato and mozarella. Arrange them on the plate. Scatter the basil on top, drizzle with olive oil (more) and white wine vinegar (less). Season to taste with salt and pepper. Eat.